Bison gores woman at US national park

29234129 - wild bison

CALIFORNIA- A California woman was gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park after she approached within yards of the animal, park officials said Thursday.

Kim Hancock, 59, never thought while with a group of tourists visiting the famous park which is located in the western US states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho that on Wednesday when she approached the bull bison while walking along a boardwalk would attack her.

Park officials said, “When it crossed the boardwalk, the bison became agitated and charged the crowd, goring Hancock,”

“The bison immediately left the area.”

She was treated at a nearby hospital near Montana and is recovering well.

This is the second such attack this year, last month a 72 year old woman was slightly injured, while walking at the parks trail, when she come upon the animal.

Park officials said their had been an increase in attacks this year and warned visitors to have a safe distance between them and the animal.


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Photo Credit- 123RF/jnerad

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