Black Death plague threat to South Africa

Johannesburg – According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has warned South Africa to be on high alert for the “black death” plague.


According to WHO South Africa is one of the nine countries which have been warned.


The other 8 countries at risk of the Black Death plague are Comros, Ethopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Frances’s La Reunuion and the Seychelles.


WHO has released a statement to update residents from the 9 countries mentioned above.


According to their statement, South Africa’s travel and trade links with Madagascar, where the outbreak has already killed 124 people and infected 1 133, has put it at risk.


The report also went on to state that “Historically, the plague was responsible for widespread pandemics with high mortality.


It was known as the ‘Black Death’ during the fourteenth century, causing more than 50 million deaths in Europe. “Nowadays, the plague is easily treated with antibiotics and the use of standard precautions to prevent acquiring infection”.


WHO says that the overall risk of the plague is very high. But depending on the type of plague, there is a 30 to 100% chance of death if it is left untreated within 72 hours.

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