BMW 2024 M5 renders imagine G80 inspired performance saloon

BMW’s latest revision of its 5 Series model introduces more electrified and hybrid offshoots with the 540i xDrive ranking above all. The range isn’t complete just yet as the firm’s 2024 M5 model has to debut and these renders showcase what it may shape up as.

During the premiere of the 2023 BMW i5, Frank Weber alluded to an eminent Touring car offshoot of the electric offering. A forum post on enthusiast websites claims that the upcoming M5 will utilize a hybrid powertrain and that it’ll also be offered in Touring car guise. Whispers and rumours claim that the M5 badge will be offered in a Touring as well with production speculated to begin near the tail-end of Q3 2024. As for the sedan variant, production is said to begin in Q2 next year.

Rumours have long since pointed to the possibility of the next M5 adopting the same engine that motivates the XM. This would mean that the next M5 will be powered by a hybrid 4,4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 supposedly affording the performance salon with a power output somewhere near 521 kW!

Supposedly, the plug-in hybrid system will use a 10,5-kWh battery pack, which will give the M5 an electric driving range of up to 80 kilometres. The M5 will come standard with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Additionally, the upcoming performance saloon will likely be equipped with a variety of performance features on par with the firm’s front-running M badge offerings, which could range from adaptive suspension to carbon-ceramic brakes and even a limited-slip differential.

It will feature a more aggressive exterior design than the current M model, with larger air intakes, a more pronounced rear spoiler, and quad exhaust pipes.

It’s important to note that these are just rumours, and nothing has been officially confirmed by BMW. However, these renderings, provided by X-Tomi Design are based on spy photos and other sources, so they could very well be an accurate representation of what will eventually arrive. We’ll have to wait until the 2024 M5 is officially revealed to know how accurate they actually are!

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