Boity is done dating broke man

JOHANNESBURG- Boity Thulo TV personality and now businesswomen was speaking with Rorisang Thandekiso on Touch HD and the star is well known for being vocal on certain issues.

With millions of followers on social media and giving some of her fans advice when they ask for it, Boity made it very clear the current phase her life is right now, she is not interested in dating broke men.

The topic come up after Rorisang asked Boity about her thoughts of Valentines day and she replied saying, she didn’t get the fuss over it and is yet to meet someone who will change her mind about it.

Boity refused to answer whether she is currently in a relationship right now, as she has famously dated Cassper Nyvoset in the past. Rorisang then proceed to say that she should not date or marry a broke man, Boity replied in Setswana, “You think I would marry someone with no money? No way! We are done with people who have no money,” she responded.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks or says but what do you thinks must happen when there’s no money? I cannot support the both of us. I think we’ve been through where it (money) didn’t matter but now it’s like, you need to level up.”

Photo Credit- People Magazine

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