Bonang Matheba is not letting Rea Gopane off the hook after apology post and video

Johannesburg – Media personality Bonang Matheba is not letting local podcaster Rea Gopane off the hook after he shared his apology and retraction in writing and video.

Matheba made public that she was taking legal action against Gopane over the weekend after a video of him went viral, following the tragic death of Matheba’s former boyfriend rapper AKA’s fiancé Anele “Nellie” Tember last month.

In the video, Gopane and his co-host discuss their circumstances around Anele’s death and how, at her funeral, her father, Durban-based businessman Moses Tembe, had alluded to his daughter possibly having a problem with substance abuse.

“We know AKA, let’s not hide from the truth.

“Scoop (TV presenter Scoop Makhathini) told us that AKA is on cocaine and Bonang is the one that got him onto cocaine.

“Scoop told us that, so we know that AKA is into hard drugs,” said Gopane.

His co-host warns him not to speak about things he has no evidence of, but the podcaster continues.

In a letter sent by Matheba’s lawyers, it stated that Gopane needed to do apologise in public and retract by 4pm on Monday, May 17.

It further says that her legal team is “instructed to demand from you, payment of the sum of R500,000 within 10 days.

“Should this sum not be paid within the time prescribed, I have instructions to issue summons without further notice to you.”

Gopane then took to various social media platforms where he posted his apology and retraction which said: “To the extent that I have made statements to certain individuals and in the public media stating or implying Ms Matheba’s connection to cocaine, I unequivocally retract all such imputations and unreservedly apologise that they were made.

“I regret any inconvenience caused to Ms Matheba and undertake that it will not happen again.”

He further apologized to everyone he mentioned in his video.

Matheba reminded him about the money she’s demanding after his accusatory statements and said: “Now…my money (with a heart emoji)“.


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