Booking Distruction Boyz for your party could cost up to R100k

JOHANNESBURG – Distruction Boyz are currently one of the most popular acts in South Africa and can charge as much as R100,000 for a set, the group’s Thobani “Que” Mgobhozi has revealed. During an interview, the Omunye hitmakers told DJ Sabby that they started charging a couple of coins, but have worked their way up to a R100, 000.

“We started off making R2,000, R5,000 and we were happy with that but when we started making R10,000, I started to realise (it was serious). It was nice and then it grew, R50, 000 until R100, 000.

The group, however, does not charge R100, 000 across the board and said the price was dependent on a number of factors.

“It depends on the type of event, the capacity, the venue, the distance from home, things like that. You can’t just charge R100,000.” The amount charged for their gigs overseas was somewhere around the same figure.

The group has recently found themselves in the headlines after a local DJ, DJ LAG, claimed they had stolen his song Trip to New York and repackaged it as Omunye. Que claimed DJ LAG used the group to get publicity off the controversy.

Que’s bandmate Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu said the group would continue to perform the song in public, as they had not been made aware of any legal action.

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