Boy, 12, calls 911 to complain his parents gave him a salad

CANADA- A young boy from Canada parents served him a salad, this prompted him to call 911 twice.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the 12-year-old Canadian boy called the emergency dispatches at approximately 20:00 last Tuesday night, but the emergency services did not response as quickly as they wanted to, so he called them once again.

A Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Dal Hutchinson said even if the caller was a young boy, many times adults call in non-emergency situations, which could result in a fine.

They said this prevents emergency responders from dealing with real emergencies.

The Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police posted on Facebook on June 14 to remind citizens of using the 911 emergency services for actual emergencies. It posted on their Facebook page, “While many can relate to the dislike of a salad at times, this raises a more important issue that warrants discussion at all ages,”

“The improper use of 911 is an issue with all age groups and it ties up valuable resources, preventing emergency first responders from dealing with real emergencies.”

 The police did not arrest the young boy’s parents for serving him a salad but they did give him a lecture on using the 911 emergency service, and when it is appropriate to call.

Because of the boy’s age, the police could not fine him.

Photo Credit- Galore

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