Breaking News: Zuma will be gone in the next 7 days – Snuki Zikalala on 702

In an interview with 702 Former SABC head of news Snuki Zikalala who is now the second president of the ANC’s Veterans’ League said that Jacob Zuma will be gone in the next 7 days. Excerpts from the interview are below as well as an audio from 702

Zikalala says the President is left with no option but to step down.


Our sense is that he will definitely go. He has got no options. He has seen that the wheels have changed.

— Snuki Zikalala, ANC Veterans’ League president

On Sunday he was saying that even if it is a question of him being impeached, it is fine. It was sad for us to hear that but we are happy that it is now being handled properly and he has come to his senses.

— Snuki Zikalala, ANC Veterans’ League president

Within the next seven days he will definitely go, or else comrade Cyril Ramaphosa would not have cancelled the NEC tonight.

— Snuki Zikalala, ANC Veterans’ League president

Meanwhile political analyst Lesiba Tefo says there may be consequences if Zuma is pushed out and that he would need to be persuaded to step down.

Forcing him out rather than persuading him to step down, the consequences for me might be too costly to contemplate.

— Lesiba Tefo, political analyst and professor at UNISA



Click on the link below to hear more from Tefo and Zikalala…. – Link Credits – 702 

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