Brexit bill becomes law, allowing UK to leave the EU

LONDON- On Tuesday a bill enacting Britain’s decision to allow the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has become into laws after months of debate, the speaker of parliament announced, cheers were heard from the Conservative party.

Speaker John Bercow said the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which repeals the 1972 European Communities Act through which Britain became a member, had received royal assent from Queen Elizabeth II.

The bill  has now transferred decades of the European law into British statute books in a bid to avoid any legal disruption. This means the Brexit Day will happen on March 29 2019 at 11pm, which is midnight Brussels time, which marks the end of the two-year Article 50 withdrawal process.

The bill has taken over 250 hours of debate in the House of Parliament since July 2017

Europsceptics led the charge with celebrations and leading eurosceptic MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, a member of the ruling Conservative party, said during the weekend, “The legal position is now so much stronger for a clean Brexit.

“Crucially this makes the prime minister’s negotiating hand much stronger.”

Conservative MP, Dominic Raab another eurosceptic said May would go to an EU summit later this week “with the wind in her sails”.

Photo Credit- The Financial Express

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