Bridget Masinga graduates with a Bachelor’s degree

After years of hard work and sacrifice, Bridget Masinga obtains her Bachelor of Arts in Government and Development from the University of South Africa.

The media personality shared the exciting news with her fans, saying that nothing she’s done thus far has tested her resolve more than this journey.

“It took what seemed forever, at times life got in the way; ngowo, heartbreak, work, health, and every hurdle that could test my resolution to completion came my way.

“Sometimes it came all at once. There were moments we sat for exams with uncontainable excitement, at times fighting back a bucket of tears and at other times rushing to catch planes to far away destinations,” she continues.

“Nothing I’ve done thus far has tested my resolve more than this journey. But I kept reminding myself of that African adage, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!!”

Masinga added that somewhere along the road she decided to give it her all.

“Somewhere along the road, I decided to go full steam ahead and as I get comfortable in FINALLY saying, I am a Bachelor of Arts Government and Development graduate, majoring in politics and development,” she said.

She begins her next big step, which is working towards her Masters Degree.

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