Bujy faces backlash for ‘Queer Way of Life’ podcast episode

Johannesburg – The latest addition to “Podcast and Chill” network “Queer Way of Life” with Bujy has received backlash due to comments by one of the panelists, Banzi Mavuso.

The second episode of the queer-themes podcast dropped earlier this week and after a short snippet was shared on Twitter, especially comments made by filmmaker Banzi with regards to polyamory and her previous abusive relationship.

In the clip, the panel discussed cishet women who engage in sexual activities with lesbian women with Banzi saying the reason they sleep around is due to the fact that they’ve labelled themselves as poly.

Banzi goes on to give an inaccurate definition of polyamory with Bujy making a comparison to fornication with the panel laughing at the whole conversation.

Many members of the LGBTQI+ community were not happy with the way the conversation happened and shared their thoughts online.

“And this is what we mean when we say misrepresentation is more harmful than no representation at all.

“Here we have Bujy on a platform built by a repeat trans/homophobe. Bujy is joined by a known domestic abuser and they’re on a show together and it’s harmful as f***,” said @TutuZondo.

Miss_Wongi said: “Please make it make sense how you sit there with a perpetrator and laugh while she’s gloating… This whole podcast is SICKENING!”.

“everything about this video was cringe. The erasure of polyamory ? the skewed views on toxic femininity vs what it actually is. Not forgetting the justification and enabling of abuse.

“also people’s traumas are not funny. I don’t get why there was so much laughter. all in all,euw,” said @thisisnotentle.

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