LONDON- English fashion brand Burberry has been harshly criticized by environmental and ordinary campaigners after it was revealed that they burned unsold accessories and clothes worth R450 million (£28.9 million).

Unfortuntaley this is the norm in the fashion industry, to burn or destroy unsold items to prevent them being sold cheaply or stolen.

In the past five years Burberry has destroyed £90 million worth of goods. In 2018 they destroyed clothes, accessories and perfumes but the clothing brand see’s the move was environmentally friendly, saying energy generated from the fire was captured to make it environmentally friendly.

Other high profile brands also burn their merchandise, such as Louis Vuitton is also said to burn goods in order to maintain the label’s exclusivity and avoid selling them at a lower price.

However many people have observed the practice as a way is a dirty secret within the fashion industry and an awful waste.

Photo Credit- The Fashion Law

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