Business as usual for Pikitup this festive season

“The City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) waste management entity has assured residents and businesses that refuse will be collected on all public holidays – except Christmas Day.

Affected residents and businesses will have to keep their refuse until 1 January, when Pikitup services resume for the new year.

According to a recent press release, Pikitup expects the festive season collection programme to run without a glitch, despite expecting a higher volume of waste, which is likely to increase, as more residents take leave for December.

Residents are also encouraged to dispose of their waste in a manner that will reduce illegal dumping and overloading of bins. “Waste that is not responsibly disposed of usually results in a health hazard stemming from rat and fly infestations,” said Pikitup’s Muzi Mkhwanazi.

He added that residents should refrain from giving its employees Christmas gifts during this time, as Pikitup does not permit its employees to solicit Christmas donations from residents.”

“We want to avoid a repeat of last year’s events, which resulted in 10 people, including Pikitup employees, being arrested in three separate incidents for fraud and misrepresentation,” said Mkhwanazi.

News Source – Rooepoort Record

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