Business owners frustrated over power outages

JOHANNESBURG – Business owners in Joburg CBD are furious as power outages enter second week.
Most companies, supermarkets and general merchandise shops are finding it hard to cope following a major power outage that hit the city centre a week ago.
Some business owners said that power outages have cost them a lot of money as they have to resort to other power alternatives.
“It is hard to cope in this situation because we are losing a lot of money when there is no electricity” a frustrated businessman said.
“we are now forced to use generators meaning that we have to dig deep into our pockets again to buy petrol for the machines to operate,” he added.
Other business owners also complained about heightened theft ever since the city went into darkness.
Some shops with no other power alternatives have since closed their operations for the time being until the power issue is rectified.
Other parts of the CBD are also without both electricity and water which also led to some shops to close their doors.
The city centre plunged into darkness following a huge fire that consumed underground tunnels as a result of cable theft.
City Power Spokesperson Sol Masolo has apologised for the “inconvenience” and said that authorities are doing everything in their power to rectify the problem.

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