Call by Zuma Must Go Movement of Complete Shutdown

JOHANNESBURG- A group calling them  Zuma Must Go Movement have threaten that if Zuma is not removed, they will call for a national shutdown on Monday.

The group says they comprise of both ANC and SACP members, but the ANC and SACP leadership has distanced themselves of the call of national government shutdown.

Hangwi Maumela, who claims to be an ANC branch member in Sandton, calling for South Africans to down tools until Zuma is removed.

“We want everyone, on Monday, to stay away from work until Zuma steps down,” said Maumela.

“Tomorrow in all nine provinces, don’t go to work. Whether police, nurse, doctor, security guard, garden boy, working at border gate, don’t go to work. This crisis we are facing affects us all.”

“We are coming to the Union Buildings tomorrow and we are not apologetic about it, we are ready for everything.”

“This man is like Mugabe in South Africa. Some of us have suffered for this democracy. I feel Nelson Mandela, wherever he is, he is upset with Zuma, the (national executive committee) NEC and ANC for not exercising authority.”

“Ramaphosa should not be apologetic and be afraid to ask the president to step down”, said Maumela.

The Tshwane police has said the march has not been given a go ahead but will on a look out.


Photo Credit- iOL

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