Cameroon government creates a new militatry base based in Bamenda

DOUALA- Cameroon has a new military region, created to assist in security needs in the west and northwest region, the state-owned CRTV has reported.

Cameroon President Paul Biya has signed directives that will reorganize the country’s defense forces by splitting the base in two from the former military region Région militaire interarmées – RMIARMIA 2 which is based in Douala to the new military base fth (RMIA 5) which  is headquarted in capital of the northwest region Bamenda.

General Agha Robinson Ndong will be head of RMIA 5,  as General Julius Caesar Ellie has been appointed commander of its Gendarmerie region (RG5).

The plan is seen to deal with the current Anglophone crisis, that has unsettled the country since October last year. Separatist have been in dangerous and deadly conflict between government forces.

The separatists are called Ambazonia republic, whose main cause is to separate the Anglophone regions (northwest and southwest) from French-majority Cameroon.

The government however is maintaining that the region is secure and the region wont be separated, as the government has labelled them terrorists.

Separatist leader, Julius Sisuku Ayuk Tabe has been deported from Nigeria after the country deported over 47 separatists.

Nigeria has been experiencing a refugee crisis, as the crisis in Cameroon has spilled into Nigeria’s borders, as many Cameroonians are fleeing to safer regions.

Photo Credit- VOA news



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