Cameroon separatists kidnap another govt official near Bamenda

BAMENDA- Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) name of Separatists who have claimed responsibility of a missing government official in the northwest region of Cameroon.

The ADF said, it had kidnapped an administrative official near the town of Batibo, some 40km from the regional capital Bamenda.

The incident was confirmed by state run television station, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), where more details were given. The official was taken during the weekend on Saturday, is the latest representative for social affairs in the region to be abducted.

In the middle of February the separatist group claimed responsibility of the kidnapping of Divisional Officer Namata Diteng, during the kidnapping incident the car of Diteng was burnt.

This type of intimidation is used by separatist groups to stage a guerrilla style attacks on the military.

They said the soldiers, police and gendarmes were occupation forces hence their resolve to rid the towns of them.

Cameroon president Paul Biya has declared war on the separatists since last year, after they killed many police personnel.

Biya has recently approved a new security force in the region, this will be the country’s fifth security force to be based in Bamenda.

The current on fighting has led many Cameroonians to flee their country into neighboring borders of Nigeria.

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