Canal Walk shoppers warned after loo robbers ‘attack’ 7 victims

Canal Walk packed to capacity.

Cape Town – Shoppers have been warned of thieves waiting to catch their prey as they walk into the toilets of one of the biggest malls in the city.

The Milnerton Community Policing Forum (CPF) issued a statement on Facebook about seven robberies which took place in Canal Walk.

They asked for people to be vigilant when visiting the mall.

They said that on Friday, a victim reportedly left his group of friends, and as he was about to go into the toilet a suspect pretended to fall and then robbed the young man.

The CPF initially said that during the weekend they had received a warning from a member of the public who had his cellphone stolen at Canal Walk on Friday evening.

“The victim was on his way to the bathroom when a man ‘stumbled and fell’ in front of him. When he went to assist, he was robbed by the same man and his accomplices. On reporting the theft, he was told he was the seventh victim of a similar trick.”

However, the CPF said they couldn’t verify the information and update their post.

“Over the weekend we received a warning from a member of the public who had his cellphone stolen at Canal Walk on Friday evening.

“We are unable to verify his version of events but are aware that a number of phones have been stolen at the mall.

“In another incident, a minor was pickpocketed at the Games Arcade recently and lost his brand-new phone. Milnerton SAPS have advised us that they will be placing additional members at the mall over the festive season to curb these incidents of crime.

“Please be vigilant and take care of your personal possessions.”

A WhatsApp text went viral at the weekend of a similar incident.

“My nephew was robbed in Century City Friday night after work. They went to eat out with a few of the colleagues and he went to the toilet. At the loo a guy in front of him stumbled and fell, he helped the guy up and then that guy and mates robbed him of his phone. When he went to the police to lay a charge they said it was the seventh case. Just spread the news to people you know who frequent those places.” The centre has denied knowing anything about the incident.

Canal Walk marketing manager Vanessa Herbst said: “We are aware of a social media post regarding this. We are not aware of any of these incidents taking place at Canal Walk.”

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