Cape Town gears for the Jameson Cult Film Club

CAPE TOWN – The much acclaimed Jameson Cult Film Club is hosting its fifth annual event in the city of Cape Town, on the 16th of November.

The event has already been hosted in Johannesburg on the 9th of November and is moving to Cape Town on Thursday.

Although the Johannesburg session was great, organisers believe the event in Cape Town will be even more better.

Hosted by Jameson on a yearly basis, the audience is set to be captivated by a series of fun-filled activities all set in a location and atmosphere designed to transport you into the action.

According to organisers, the event draws its inspiration from a cult film to create total immersion in its universe.

“This 1999 fantasy science fiction film created by The Wachowskis was an obvious choice for the Cult Film Club party because, at its core, it’s about living more; a philosophy that Jameson has embraced since 1780,” said one of the organisers.

“The Jameson Cult Film Club celebrates cult film through creating deeply immersive and highly unique experiences,” he added.

This year’s theme is The Matrix, last year it was Pulp Fiction, the year before it was Fight Club and the year before that it was Alien.

Orginisers say everything including cold bars have been set.

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