Cape Town health officials to help spazas shops give back the polony

CAPE TOWN- City of Cape Town’s health officials have said they will make sure spaza shops and small enterprises they must give back their polony and other cold meats after a national recall of the processed meats continued on Tuesday over a listeriosis outbreak.

JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and social services said, “The City’s environmental health practitioners will visit smaller outlets to establish if they are aware of the recall and to record volumes of product being kept on site.”

Health officals in the Cape have insisted they will make sure the identified products are removed.

There has been increased visits from health officials who have visited food traders, food outlets following the Department of Health’s announcement on Sunday.

ST6 strain of listeriosis was traced to the Enterprise production plant in Polokwane.

Tiger Brands did announced a total national recall of its Enterprise ready-to-eat products and including halting supply to trade.

Rainbow Chickens Limited’s (RCL) as a precaution is recalling all its polony products from its entire customer base but it does not apply to its chicken products, as the disease was traced in their polony.

Both companies are conducting their own independent testing.

180 deaths have been confirmed, 88 of those were from the Western Cape.

Photo Credit- DeliMeats

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