Cape Town Taxi Strikes Violent

CAPE TOWN – Thousands of people in Cape Town are left stranded as taxi operators have gone to a strike.
Major taxi associations which include the Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association (Cata), the Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations (Codeta) and the Retreat Taxi Association are reportedly to have joined the strike.
It is believed that the strike is as a result of the new taxi laws, taxi impoundments as well as the upcoming Santaco elections.
Commuters who decided to use other modes of transport have also faced serious threats as buses and cars are reportedly being attacked.
It is reported that roads are being closed down with stones and burning tires to prevent any motorist from passing through.
A bus in Delft has also been attacked and set alight and more bus operators continue to be affected.
The strike has also affected train routes as 29 trains have also been reported to have been cancelled.
It is reported that the most affected places include Bellville, Kraaifontein, Mitchells, Blaauwberg, Koeberg, Retreat, Wynberg and Mowbray.
Updates pouring through from the City of Cape Town WhatsApp group shows that the situation is becoming worse and commuters have no transport to work, school and other places of interest.

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