Car seats for kids campaign kicks up a gear

It is shocking that only 7% of children travelling on South Africa’s roads are buckled up.
Imperial Road Safety said the Car Seats for Kids campaign’s aim is to raise awareness about child safety on South Africa’s roads.

Imperial Road Safety’s Berenice Francis said many parents did not have the knowledge of the safety of car seats and how to buckle them up. The campaign was intended to educate those who had little knowledge, she said.

“Our interactions with parents and families at various handovers have truly reinforced why we set out to make car seat usage and education, through our Car Seats for Kids campaign a key pillar to our road safety outreach,” said Francis.

“Many parents are still not empowered about how to ensure their children are buckled up in an appropriate car seat, how to correctly buckle them up and how to choose the right car seat.

“This, despite legislation stating that no child under the age of three is allowed to travel without being strapped into a car seat. And therefore, such reinforced education to South Africa’s public remains a critical part of our role in society,” she said.

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