Carol Ofori creates children’s books to ignite their love for Africa

Carol Ofori is no newcomer to the world of broadcasting and has made a name for herself in the industry for two decades.

She wears many hats, that of radio and TV presenter, voice over artist, mom, wife and is adding author to the fold.

She has created a new book series The African Adventures of Sena and Katlego, a project she has been secretly working on for four years.

Ofori said it was while reading to her child that she noticed there were limited picture books that represented African children.

“I used to read a lot to my son when I was in the concept of writing the book. This was four years ago.  I would read all these books and the language was just too much for him. Some images didn’t make sense. I was like ‘I’m sure I can do this better. I’m sure I can do this so my kid can understand’.”

She added that she saw the attachment her child had to his furry toy and that was a lightbulb moment that gave birth to her concept.

“I thought how do I make Katlego come alive and what if I make him magical. We are a pan-African family with family all over the world. But I thought let me not isolate this to family but all over the continent and let’s let him have family in every country in some way.  That’s exactly how I came up with the concept.  I haven’t been to all these countries I’ve written about so there were some countries I had to read up on.”

The book series, published by Lingua Franca Publishers, is an educational read for children which celebrate Africa and its countries, landscapes and traditions.

“I have a strong passion for the continent and it was important for my children to love this continent before admiring the Eifel Tower or Statue of Liberty. I want them to admire the icons and the beacons we have in the continent before wanting to explore those places. I thought I need to ink something that will allow my kids to have that and also like a living legacy for them.”

The African adventures of Sena and Katlego book series are based on reality and the imagination of Carol’s son.

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