Cele: Proof of cigarette purchases required

Johannesburg –Police Minister Bheki Cele insists if one is found smoking in public, police have the right to request proof of purchase.

Cele said they plan to increase roadblocks to make sure that people obey Level 3 lockdown regulations.

“Police have the right to seek the receipt of where you bought the cigarettes,” Cele said.

“It will help us to know who’s selling the cigarettes.”

Cele said the country has to be protected from the black market.

“The onus is on you to tell us where did you buy the cigarettes.

“If you smoke cigarettes at your home we don’t have an issue with that,” he said.

“But be prepared to tell the police where did you buy. If you have the evidence, show it.”

Security expert Rory Steyn said there should be a reason for the roadblocks beyond pettiness.

“My concern is that Cele hasn’t stated what’s the purpose for the roadblocks…people understand that every government effort being made should be aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, not the pettiness.”

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