Chad opposition vows to hold a public march in spite of ban

N’Djamena – On Wednesday the Chad civil society activists said that they are planning to hold a major anti-government march to protest against ‘anti-social measure’ in spite of being banned by the authorities.

“We held a press conference (on Monday) where we decided not to accept the systematic bans placed on our planned peaceful marches,” said Mahamat Nour Ibedou, who is an activist and the president of the Chadian Convention for Human Rights

He also went on to say that, “ a coalition of civic groups are planning to organise a public demonstration against the anti-social measures already taken by the government.”

He also added that the date for the protest date has not been set just yet.

In late November, a number of hundreds of people were given permission to demonstrate against the US travel ban. This took place after Chad was also in the list of countries whose citizens were blocked from going to the US.

But a few days later, the country’s police stopped citizens from protesting. The march was meant to “denounce the dictatorial regime” of President Idriss Deby. Last year Deby won another 5 year term after he has been ruling the central African nation for 26 years now.

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