Chamber of Commerce disapproves municipality takeover of Metrorail

CAPE TOWN – The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes the City of Cape Town Municipality does not have the skills to manage the embattled rail network.


This follows after the city council offered the municipality a go ahead to help Metrorail manage the rail system to improve its efficiency.


The Chamber of Commerce has already aired their discontent saying the municipality has no skills, the experience nor the knowledge to take over management of the rail system.


Janine Myburgh, Cape Chamber president, has challenged the city council for lack of vision, saying they can’t just give such a big project to an organisation with no skills, knowledge or experience about rail.


According to Myburgh, such a project should be given to an organisation that understands the operations of the rail system, to help the Metrorail revive the declining operations.


Myburgh says a lot has to be done in the Metrorail system, adding that first steps to be taken is to stop ongoing vandalism and copper theft.


Although she disapproves with the municipality taking over, she has acknowledged efforts by the city council to revive the rail network which has become synonymous with poor service and growing commuter distrust.


The city council says taking over Metrorail is a long-term proposal which can come into effect after three years.

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