Child abuse reports decrease in the Western Cape

Cape Town – Anti-child abuse NGO Matla A Bana said it had recorded a decrease of 40% in the reporting of child abuse cases, especially that of sexual abuse, in the Western Cape.

The NGO said on Thursday that this was a big concern as South Africa observes Child Protection Month in May.

The organisation believes that the decrease in complaints is linked to the restriction on movement during the lockdown Monique Strydom from the organisation said child abuse was still happening, only now it was taking place behind closed doors.

She added that they were expecting a spike in reports of abuse when children returned to school.

“It’s important to remember that schools are a safe place for kids to disclose and when they are not available, they aren’t able to disclose.”

Strydom added that in preparation for the expected increase, they were desperate for donations for food parcels or comfort packs, which include soap, a facecloth, a teddy bear, underwear, and other necessities.

These donations are given to children when they report sexual crimes to the police.

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