Children Die as Bus Cuts in Half

France – A train and a school bus have crashed into each other in Southern France, leaving four children dead and a lot of other people injured.

Twenty people have been injured in the accident while ten of them are fighting for their lives in the hospital, following the crash between the train and bus which occurred on a level crossing.

The bus was carrying school children of ages between 13 and 17 at a nearby secondary school. The school bus was split into two halves by the force of the collision from the train, hitting it on the side.

The operator of the train said witnesses had reported seeing the barriers at the level crossing down at the time of the accident, although none of this information was confirmed a witness who was a passenger on the train said that “it was a very violent crash- it seemed as If the train would derail”.

Over 30 people were on the train the time of the collision, who witnessed the crash. Investigators are waiting to interview the woman driver of the bus who was slightly injured in the crash. Both drivers inherited great injuries from the accident.

Other passenger are reporting different stories as the police investigate what truly happened when the accident occurred as it killed innocent children.

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