China’s Xi tells Zim’s Mnangagwa they should write ‘new chapter’ in ties

BEIJING- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday told President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe that they should work towards a new chapter in ties, during the African leader’s first state visit to China since he took over power last year from long serving president Robert Mugabe who was forced to step down.

Mnangagwa has vowed since he took office that he will do all he can to boost the Zimbabwean economy that has declined for most of Mugabe leadership and re-engagement to the international community that his predecessor avoided.

China did consider their relationship with Mugabe as a “good friend”, going far back to their support for Zimbabwe’s independence war, but didn’t support him when he was ousted.

Xi said during the meeting with his counterpart Mnangagwa, “I’m willing to work with Mr President to jointly map out our future cooperation and write a new chapter in China-Zimbabwe relations for the benefit of our two peoples,”

Over the past decade China has invested billions into the African economy, a growing interest in Africa’s resources.

They have spent more than $100 billion infrastructure in the continent such as roads, railways, mines, powerlines and factories on the continent over the last decade.

Mnangagwa said he was honored by the meeting and the continuous political support from China and thanked Xi for sending a envoy immediately after he was inaugurated.

He said, “That was a great honour.”

According to Chinese state media trade between Africa and China reached  $85.3 billion in the first half of 2017.

Photo credit- Reuters

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