Christian Family Conference to be held at St. Albans Prison

PORT ELIZABETH – St Albans is a prison near Port Elizabeth with a reputation of being one of the most violent prisons in South Africa.


Its violence and gang culture has affected the community tremendously, leaving a big number of families without fathers, uncles and brothers. 99% The gang culture killings in the community have orchestrated from inside the prison cells by the gang lords.


Apostle Donavan Arends and Pastor Ralph Innes have decided to come together and to organise the upcoming Christian Family Conference to be held at the Albans Prison in Port Elizabeth.  The conference is to be held on the 17th of November to the 19th November this year.


The two men called by God hope to bring the word of God to the prisoners and have families with family members in rison spend time together in the word of God.


Apostle Donavan Arends oversees the churches in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth. The calling for the conference was laid in his heart to break the bondage of fatherlessness.


The conference is set to offer opportunities for ‘the heart of fathers to be restored to their sons and the sons to their fathers.  In doing so they hope to bring all hearts to the eternal father.

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