PRETORIA-  According to investigative group AmaBungane South African billionaire businessman, Christo Wiese, is at the centre of a multi-billion rand tax evasion scheme involving Africa’s largest law firm and a London-listed company.

AmaBungane has obtained court papers which revealed that the South African Revenue Service (Sars) is trying to recover R3.9-billion in taxes and penalties dating back to back to 2007.

Wiese is one of the amongst of many parties implicated have denied the allegations and any attempt by their behalf to evade taxes or any tax benefit derived from the scheme.

The allegations are that law firm ENSafrica developed a structure to facilitate London-Listed company Tullow transferring assets worth an estimated R3.9 billion out of the country in ordered to avoid taxes.

AmaBungane is reporting that ENSafrica was in charge to shelter Tullow’s after they restructured their company and later sold their shelter tax to Wiese.

Wiese is alleged to moved the assets out of the shelter  when Sars started asking questions before selling the shelter to a former ENSafrica partner.

ENSafrica allegedly told SARS that there were no funds or assets in their shelters.

The revenue service wants to recover the billions from Wiese, the former parnter of ENSafrica and two others.

Photo Credit- Mail and Guardian

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