City in Congo finish vaccinating contacts of Ebola patients

Kinshasa – The health ministry said that medical workers in Democratic Republic of Congo have given all the immediate contacts of Ebola patients in the city of Mbandaka an experimental vaccine as they try to thwart a disease that has killed around 25 people.

The disease spreads easily through bodily fluids and the medical strategy involves vaccinating all the people a patient may have infected and then vaccinating a second “ring” of contacts around each of those potential sufferers.

So the vaccine will include family members, people who may have come into contact with the person suffering from Ebola, in church or on public transport. According to experts potential Ebola time-bomb and mass spread must be found and vaccinated by virus-hunting experts.

Merck developed the VSV-EBOV vaccine, has been administered to 1 112 people, including 567 in the northwestern city.

The ministry said in a statement on Sunday that this is the coverage of all known contacts of confirmed Ebola cases in the city as well as those people’s contacts.

There has not been a confirmed death of Ebola since May 25 and the last case of a new infection was in May 29, but health officials will remain cautious as it is too soon to make a pronouncement of the cause of the outbreak.

Photo Credit- AP

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