Claire Mawisa on AKA’s ‘toxic’ content comments: It’s not Instagram, it’s you

JOHANNESBURG- Claire Mawisa weighed in on AKA’s comment that he is thinking of quitting Instagram because of the pressure put on young men and women for material things, but Mawisa said it is all on the user not the service.

AKA sparked debate earlier this week when he took to Twitter to claim that was, “legit thinking of quitting Instagram” because of its potential harm and “toxic” content.

Mawisa tweeted, among hundreds of people who responded to AKA tweet, “It’s not Instagram. It’s you.”


Claire clarified that it is on the user and the not page for you to get influenced by the materialistic things. But others challenged her that the social media platform was making people want things they don’t need.

But she responded by telling them to “think” and question where the platform’s content came from.

She wrote, “Where does the content come from? Who loads the pictures? Who’s showing off possessions in an attempt to appear ‘more than’? A platform is nothing without users. Think.”

Photo Credit- Times LIVE

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