JOHANNESBURG- Tiger Brands and Enterprise food has had a class lawsuit against them after the lawsuit was filed at the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday morning.

The lawsuit is in reaction to the listeriosis outbreak which has claimed over 180 lives in South Africa.

Those affected by the outbreak said the companies involved should be held liable for the deaths and injuries caused and they should be compensated.

Lawyer Richard Spoor representing the individuals and families said,  “There’s a very significant range of damages… there are small children and old people who’ve been injured or disabled and others who’ve died. But a lot of the claims are for small amounts.”

Tiger Brands and Enterprise were identified by the Health Department of having manufacturing plants in Limpopo and Free State of listeriosis.

Tiger Brands has recorded a R400 million lost due to the national recall enforced by themselves and the health department.

Tiger brands said that while traces of listeriosis were found in at least two  Enterprise Food factories, resulting in their decision to shut all four of its operations, they say there is no direct link between Enterprise Food products and the deaths due to listeriosis.

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