Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has weighed in on the Clifton beach saga, saying the security company involved was clearly in the wrong.

Beachgoers complained that members of private security company PPA told them to leave Clifton 4th Beach after dark.

The company has no mandate or authority to do so. The action sparked anger and led to a flurry of protests.

Maimane has commended the City of Cape Town’s reaction.

“I think the security company acted against the spirit of one South Africa for all. No one can be kicked off a beach regardless of what race they are.

“Ultimately as a city, the mayor of Cape Town was there to ensure that they stood for our principles, that all beaches must be accessible for all people.

“Equally so we must build a culture where the rule of law is applicable to all citizens.”

Following the incident, activists from lobby group Black People’s National Crisis Committee slaughtered a sheep at the beach in a cleansing ceremony.

VIDEO: Activists slaughter a sheep to cleanse Clifton beach of racism



Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato maintains that there was no racial discrimination in the incident.

Plato says the city’s investigation shows that all beachgoers were asked to leave.

“Looking at the public outcry around the Clifton beach issue, I feel it’s appropriate for the City of Cape Town to ask PSIRA, the governing body over all private security entities in South Africa, just to give the situation a look.”

However, Faiez Jacobs, provincial secretary for African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape, has filed an intimidation charge against the private security company.

Jacobs was one of the beachgoers who was last week kicked off Clifton’s 4th Beach.

The Bungalow Owners’ Association’s Diane Boynton says it has never had any agreement with the private security company.

“The association has absolutely no interest or association with PPA. We’ve never, ever been in any discussion.”

However, Boynton says private property owners in the area have employed PPA to secure the safety of their residences.


Article sourced from Eyewitness News


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