Coffin assault convicted to 11 and 14 years

MIDDLEBURG – Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen appeared at Middelburg High Court on Friday for sentencing after being found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting Victor Mlotshwa.


The incident happened in August last year when the duo (both white) allegedly kidnapped and assaulted Mlotshwa (black) before they shoved him into a coffin and threatened to set it alight.


Unfortunately for the duo, the incident was captured in a video which went viral on social media, causing widespread uproar leading to their arrest.


Although the pair have sincerely apologised for their unruly behaviour, the state prosecutor argued the two men were racist and only expressed regret for their actions because they face jail time.


The prosecutor also said the duo deserves to face the full might of the law, adding that a lenient sentence will divide society and further precipitate racism in the country.


Community members as well as political parties also supports the state prosecutor and also says the judge should not show any mercy to all acts of racism.


The men were found guilty of assault, kidnapping, attempted murder and defeating the ends of Justice.


The Victim, Victor Mlotshwa asked the High Court in Middelburg to show no mercy and send the duo to 15 years behind bars.


Theo Jackson was sentenced to 14 years behind bars whilst Oosthuizen got an 11-year sentence. It has been reported that both convicted men will appeal their convictions.


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