Comoros thanks Madagascar for supply of Covid-Organics

The Comorian president Azali Assoumani thanked the people of Madagascar and President Rajoelina for the donation of Covid-Organics, the purported virus preventative and curative mixture.

Included in the donation were doses of chloroquine and surgical masks, the president disclosed. Azali also said that the gesture was a “perfect testimony to the solidarity which unites the people of the Indian Ocean, faced with the coronavirus pandemic.”

A delegation from Comoros was flown to Madagascar to receive the donation weeks after the country expressed interest in the mixture.

There have been other African countries such as Chad, Guinea-Bissau, DR Congo, Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea that have been supplied with the mixture.

Nigeria has also shown interest, saying they will import their part but subject to necessary tests before using them.

President of Madagascar Rajoelina has received praise from a number of his peers including presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal – all of whom he has held teleconferences with.

Rajoelina stressed the importance of the herbal cure – a variant of which prevents the virus, while another cures it, during an African Union meeting last month

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