Covid-19: East London butchery raided

Johannesburg – An East London butchery has been raided by authorities, when it was discovered that it was flouting lockdown regulations.

The raid on Crave Meat came after a social media post went viral, alleging that management was not notifying employees about their colleagues who have tested positive for coronavirus.

It is alleged that when the matter was reported to management, it was shrugged off and it was business as usual at the butchery.

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality’s law, health and, labour authorities paid the facility an unannounced visit.

“What’s important for us is that the business puts lives before profit. This site inspection is going to tell us if the business is prioritising issues of sanitizing, social distancing and issues of masks. Secondly, we’ll also get into the actual labour issues that have been raised by the social media platforms,” said BCM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya.

The co-owner of the butchery, Jose Branco, has denied these allegations.

An inspection was conducted and authorities returned saying not everything is above board as the butchery is operating without a certificate of Acceptability.

The municipality has said that the preliminary findings will be submitted to its Covid-19 Command Centre and further investigations will be done.

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