‘Creative Revolutionaries’: Sho Madjozi, Khuli Chana head up Absolut’s One Source Live

JOHANNESBURG – Alcohol brand, Absolut, launched their One Source Live campaign revealing names (and character) of the “Creative Revolutionaries” that were chosen to headline Absolut’s One source Live on Tuesday. This campaign is an on-going project by the brand in collaboration with various artist from across Africa.
The name, which is inspired by the vodka’s one source (Ahus, Sweden), honours the continent of Africa as the One Source of humanity. The collaboration is aiming to promote and uplift “genuine African art” as opposed to the tired, stereotypical tropes that pop up when people search for African art.
The Creative Revolutionaries of the One Source Live project were revealed and they include some of the most incredible artist in the respective careers. They include Khuli Chana (musician) as the Dragon, Sho Madjozi (musician) as the Rain Queen, Trevor Stuurman (photographer) as The Explorer, Fabrice Monteiro (artist) as The Iron Warrior and Osborne Macheria (photographer) as The Eye.
Each of the characters’super-powers are reflective of their talents, and they are represented by blue flames. The campaign will feature an online component that aims to see African art prioritised by search engines through a process of upvoting on a website, onesourcelive.com (which is yet to be launched) and a series of events held across the continent.
The project will take place in the One Source Live festival for AFRICAN Creativity on 24 March 2018.

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