Crocodile attacks and kills woman in Harare Suburb

HARARE-  Herald newspaper has reported that a woman has been killed by a crocodile in Harare’s Budiriro suburb. National parks officials are warning people not to cross rivers as the reptiles have become more active and are showing up in unexpected places.

The women has been identified as Tsitsi Jambaya, she was killed on Wednesday morning as she tried to cross a river in Budiriro, south-western Harare to fetch firewood, spokesperson for Zimbabawe state parks Tinashe Farawo was quoted as saying.

Fararwo said, “She was accompanied by her neighbour, who later notified residents and the next of kin about the incident.”

Since the heavy rains, the rare crocodile attacks in Harare in the nearby Lake Chivero which has been reported at full flow allowing crocodiles to move into areas where they are not usually seen.

Fararwo added that park rangers have been deployed to hunt the crocodile that killed Tsitsi Jambaya.

He concluded, “We have been receiving several reports on crocodile attacks therefore we urge all the people in communities, especially where there are water bodies, to desist from crossing rivers.”

In the same week, Budiriiro residents experienced a tragedy when a man found an angry three metre-long crocodile outside the main entrance of the town’s hospital.

The crocodile was charging at residents and parks rangers eventually had to shoot it.

Photo Credit- The Nation

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