JOHANNESBURG- The Democratic Alliance (DA) has laid three criminal charges against ANC MP Mduduzi Manana for extortion, bribery and corruption.

Manana’s former domestic worker Christine Wiro did lay a complaint of common assault against him last week after he allegedly pushed her down the stairs at his Fourways home but she later would withdraw the charges, saying she feared for her life.

The DA now wants the police to investigate an audio clip that has been widely publicized in the media and social media, where Manana is heard offering 100k for Wiro to drop the chargers. Manana would later say he offered this because he felt he was being extorted by Wiro and her family. He opened a case against them, however the police no such case has been opened.

Manana also has denied all the chargers against him.

Terri Stander of the DA said they will not rest until Manana is behind bars, she also said the chargers will be investigated separately to Wiro’s common assault charge.

Stander said, “Cyril Ramaphosa and Mduduzi Manana belong to the same WhatsApp group. They’re both in the ANC and I’m certainly not seeing any decisive action there.”

Photo Credit- eNCA

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