DA member sues party after ‘humiliating interview in a toilet’

East London- DA member Ntombenhle Rulumeni is suing the DA for R10 million, according to her she was objected to an interview for a councilor position in a toilet.

Rulumeni claims in 2016 two party officials escorted her to a toilet at an East London golf course to be interviewed for a position as ward councilor.

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DA member Ntombenhle Rulumeni- TimesLIVE

“That was a very sad day for myself. I was humiliated, and I was wondering why are they even doing this to me, because they say they are the custodians of the constitution and they are in the position of authority as DA MPs,” she said.

“The actions of the DA brought into sharp focus painful memories of the treatment of black people by white people under apartheid, as all three people who subjected [me] to this humiliation were white and one of them being a male in female toilets,” she said.

Rulumeni then claims that days later she was told she failed the second interview.

“I could not focus during the purported interview, not only because it was being interrupted by people going in and out of the toilet but the fact of the ablution facilities, racial dynamics and the male in female facility made it unbearable,” she said.

Rulumeni then went to the Human Rights Commission.

“I’m very much disappointed with the party, because this is not what I was expecting from them. I expected a lot from them because they presented themselves as the only party that can bring about change in SA. So, when I complained to the Human Rights Commission [I expected] that they were going to see their mistake and come forward and apologise, but instead they sent papers saying they are defending the DA MPs.”

“I am still a member of the DA, I have no intention to leave the party because I have done nothing wrong. I have never been taken to any disciplinary hearing. I have instead had good references for my strong work ethic. Why must I leave as if I am running away, as if I did wrong? Right now I am focusing on this case and restoring my dignity.”

“As the DA we respect our constitution. We will wait to hear what the court says about what happened and how it happened, and if the court takes a decision we will have to consider that decision as a party. I want to emphasise that the DA respects the rights of individuals, and if the court says the right of an individual was infringed, the DA will have to take an appropriate action going forward in relation to what happened on that day. I was not there, even the previous leader was not there. It is good that this matter is in court so we can at least get closure on this issue.”

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