DA takes a u-turn about land SMS after disowning it

JOHANNESBURG– The DA said on Sunday the confusion around an SMS suggesting the ANC and EFF intended to take over private homes was a case of miscommunication.

National director of communication for the DA Mabine Seabe said an SMS sent out was an official DA message. He said there was a “bit of miscommunication breakdown” from their own side.

He said, “Yes, it is our communication where we wanted to effectively show the importance of registering to vote because ultimately we have an election coming up.”

The miscommunication initially started after the DA’s national spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe told News24 she was unaware of the SMS.

She said earlier, “it’s not an official national message of the DA, definitely not.”

“We never said the EFF is taking land from your homes; we said with regards to land, we must be careful because [the EFF and ANC] are saying it will be owned by the state and we support individual ownership of the land.”

But later she did confirm that she was unaware of the SMS because she was “on the ground” busy with voter registration.

The SMS read,  “ANC & EFF working together to take all private land and homes. You can only stop this if you’re registered correctly to vote! Check now.”

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