Danny Jordaan Denies Rape

South African Football Association president, Danny Jordaan is denying rape accusations from Jennifer Ferguson, who claims Jordaan raped her in a hotel room, in Port Elizabeth.

In a statement, Ferguson said: “I was raped in a hotel Room by Danny Jordaan. There is no question about what happened and if he (Jordaan) wants to play on the nuances of that to imply in any way that it was consensual, then he is lying”.

She was initially responding to a statement issued by Jordaan’s lawyer, denying the rape accusations of raping her 24 years ago.
Ferguson spoke to local news channel in Sweden, claiming a third woman came forward accusing Jordaan for raping her as well.

“We are at a moment in a deep and concentrated conversation. I say we- three women- because Danny’s statement has come on the heels last night (Tuesday night) of a woman who has come forward. “The timing of the statement is not coincidental. It’s not as if Danny has been sitting in remorseful contemplation at the state of what called gender abuse in our country.

There is real fear now, I think Danny Jordaan’s party, that more revelations are going t be forthcoming,” said Ferguson.
Danny has since denied the statements released by the women who came forward, claiming that had been raped by the SAFA president.

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