Day Three- As #BusStrike continues, Cape Town commuters hit be Metrorail delays

CAPE TOWN- Commuters in Cape Town that already have to deal with the ongoing bus strike, they now have to deal with deteriorating train services, after Metrorail announced that huge delays across their network on Friday.

The delays are expected to be about an hour.

The Thursday meeting failed to resolve the deadlock between Unions and employees.

Brett Herron of Cape Town mayoral committee spoke of the delays,  he said, “The bus strike continues and no buses are operating this morning. To make matters worse Metrorail has announced significant operational failures across the region affecting all lines this morning. They are operating limited services with delays of at least 60 minutes,”

“Trains that do operate will also be subject to a holding pattern at Salt River, Mutual and Esplanade stations. This will make it extremely difficult for commuters who use public transport. Employers must please exercise patience and flexibility for their employees.

“Our public transport network requires a fully operational commuter rail system to be its backbone. Today we have several hundreds of thousands of commuters stranded by rail plus those who usually use buses looking for a way to commute. The situation is intolerable.

“We urge parties to the passenger bus bargaining process to work extra hard to find agreement. In the long term we must get rail back on track. It is by far the most efficient means of providing affordable access and mobility.”

Photo Credit- Twitter

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