De Lille suspended from DA

Cape Town - 170817 - The CityÕs Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, today briefed the media on the CityÕs water resilience plan. The City has commenced procuring and commissioning, in a staged way, various augmentation schemes with the intention of making available up to 500 Ml/day of non-surface water. Picture: David Ritchie

JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance has suspended the mayor of Cape Town Patricia De Lille from all party activities. De Lille has also been asked to provide reasons as to why she should not be removed from her position as mayor.

Phumzile van Damme, DA spokesperson, said the party’s Federal Executive became aware of alleged existence of a number of issues in the DA’s City of Cape Town caucus which included a series of reports and an affidavit containing troubling allegations of maladministration in the City.

“Due to the nature and extent of such challenges, and the need for transparency and clarity, the Federal Executive resolved to establish a sub-committee to investigate the matter in a responsive and timely fashion.

The sub-committee has now completed its work, and has found sufficient management and governance-related challenges prevalent in the DA’s City of Cape Town caucus, negatively impacting the City’s mandate to govern efficiently for the people of Cape Town,” Van Damme said.

The party saw it fit to suspend De Lille as a result of the investigation. Van Damme said the decision was in line with their promise to South Africans to promote clean governance wherever the party governs.

At this stage, no decision has been made other than the suspension, pending the provision of the requested by the Federal Executive, Van Damme added.

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