De Ruyter not stepping down as ‘continuity of management’ needed

Eskom said that clearer picture was now starting to emerge at the country’s power station and we should now start to move out of the rolling power cuts on Saturday morning.

Top executives of the power utility have moved to explain why the country has continued to see blackouts.

They have cited failing infrastructure, an explosion at the Medupi power station and municipalities refusing to adhere to power cuts as some of the reasons fort eh latest crisis.

South Africa moved to stage three on Wednesday morning.

The utility’s CEO Andre de Ruyter said that he and his executive would not be stepping down as Eskom needed consistency.

“It’s probably more important to have continuity of management rather than to fall back into the trap that Eskom has been in in the past 10 years,” said De Ruyter.

He said that the grid was strong but more capacity was needed.

“Until such time that we add the 4,000 to 6,000 megawatts that we’ve been talking about for the past two years, the risk of load shedding is going to remain,” he said.

De Ruyter said that more independent power producers were set to be introduced to the grid and this should help.

However, questions still remain about when the blackouts will finally come to an end.


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