De Villiers: SA Rugby urged Zimbabwe not to appoint me

CAPE TOWN – Former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has launched a scathing attack on his former employers at SA Rugby, implying that they blacklisted him and tried to prevent him from getting future employment.

Earlier this month de Villiers was confirmed as Zimbabwe’s new head coach but on Monday took the opportunity to hit out at the top brass of SA Rugby.

“When I was the first choice for the (Zimbabwe) job I was phoned by the Zimbabwe Rugby Union who told me that SA Rugby phoned them to say I was blacklisted in South Africa and they can’t appoint me,” said De Villiers.

“After I was appointed, USA Rugby phoned them and said they never knew I was available. So somewhere someone spread rumours that I was not available…”

De Villiers added that there was no comparison between the Springbok and Zimbabwe jobs.

According to a source, De Villiers also claimed that SA Rugby stopped him from being appointed Boland head coach in 2016.

“When Boland wanted to make me coach , someone from SA Rugby offered them R2, million not to appoint me, and a union like that cannot afford to say no to that sort of money,” added De Villiers.

Meanwhile, SA Rugby spokesperson said De Villiers’ accusations were untrue and wished him well in his new role.

Photo Credit- SA Rugby Mag

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