Dead Musician makes demands

JOHANNESBURG – Jazz musician Peter Nthwane’s voice has been quiet since he was murdered in his home over a year ago.

The police have not yet captured his killers. His brother, Pogisho (59) said his late brother visits him in his dreams, demanding that he wants his killers to be arrested.

“I’ve come to terms with his death, but what bothers me is that the cops have not arrested anyone. They last told us they have the gun that shot my brother and they’d be making arrests soon, but nothing happened,” his brother explained. “I have dreamt of my brother asking me when his killers will be arrested.”

In their culture, it is believed that when a dead person wants something, he must get it or bad things will start happening in the family. In their argument, it is crucial that the police find his murderers as soon as possible.

The police spokeswoman Colonel Thandi Mbambo confirmed that there has been no arrests made as yet. A reward of R20 000 is offered to anyone with information that can help cops arrest the suspects. Anyone with relevant information should call their nearest police station,” said Mbambo.

More will be reported when people start coming forward with details and information to the police.

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