Dell’s managing director calls for businesses to transform digitally to survive in current times


Johannesburg – Dell Technology managing director in South Africa Douglas Wooley said that while this was a challenging moment, it would however shape the world’s digital future.

Woolley was speaking at the Dell Technologies Forum for South Africa held virtually on Wednesday called for organisations to transform digitally to survive in the current times.

Dell Technologies chief executive and Chairman Michael Dell said that every aspect of lives had been turned upside down with a heart-breaking story of lost lives and shattered businesses.

“There is another inspirational story about the resilience of our global economy and how we are pushing together. We are so proud to be your partner in this most critical work, because one thing is clear, technology has never been more central than it is right now,” Dell.

Dell said that organisations that were accelerating their digital transformation would be poised for success, adding that at Dell Technologies, they were focused on the opportunity they had of building the central infrastructure fort he date era and to a trusted partner in accelerating digital transformation with solutions that were automated and intelligent.

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